Monday, October 20, 2014

Eternal Destination

The same week as the electrocuted elderly woman, we showed the Hope film in a nearby village.  When the film was over and the invitation was given, there was a young teenage girl and her friend sitting beside me.  They were teasing each other about not being converted.  I immediately asked them if they were and both said not yet.  I began a conversation during the invitation and the one that was more open to the discussion told me she couldn't get converted because she didn't go to this church.  She went on to tell me her mother wasn't a Christian and if she became one she would be spanked (possibly beaten) for her decision.  I asked her if she would like me to walk with her to talk to the man leading the invitation and she said, not in front of all these people.  After some persuading she decided I could have my Haitian friend come back to the back and talk with her.

When the service was over, I had him come share with her.  Others gathered to listen as he spoke with these young people.  He was able to eventually lead 4 people to make decisions for Christ.  THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT.  Praise the Lord I have 3 new sisters in the faith and one brother.  All four were probably between the ages of 12-22.

My heart still breaks for the elderly woman, that was electrocuted, and didn't want to be converted, but I rejoice with these 4.

Late Night Arrival

I've had a couple weeks to reflect on a couple events.  It was 10:30 one night and the dogs were going crazy.  I looked outside and could tell they were barking at the gate about 100 yards away.  I turned out the lights and tried to watch with them.  I had been looking for about 3 minutes when 2 men ran across the field.  I immediately contacted the closest missionary family to me, to see if they were aware.  While the phone was ringing her husband shot across the field on his Polaris.  

I was finally able to reach his wife and she said there was some commotion at the gate and that she had seen our nurse (Sheryl) take off that direction.  I knew immediately we had an emergency burn.  The two men, were in fact workers of ours that had run for the gate when they heard all the noise.  I got dressed and headed to the clinic.  Upon entering there were probably 15 people in the lobby of the clinic and someone moaning in the exam room.  I entered to find Sheryl and one of our team members trying to get an IV in an elderly woman.  Nicky was helping get things set up too.  I put on gloves and became the person talking with the patient, trying to keep her calm, and holding her burned arm, with the IV.  She had been electrocuted at a well, and had many exit wounds.  She was burned on both legs, her stomach, both arms, and the back of her head.

It was serious.  She told me she was 68.  She was able to answer most questions but was also somewhat disoriented occasionally.  The back of her head was mush and we knew there was some head trauma too.  In talking with her to keep her alert, I asked if she was converted.  She said not yet.  I began to share with her.  I wish this story ended with her accepting the Lord, but unfortunately it doesn't.  We rushed to get her wounds dressed so we could send them to a hospital.  She was going into shock and she needed more than we could provide.  She said she didn't want to pray to accept Jesus but we prayed with everyone and sent her on her way.  Apart from a miracle she wasn't going to make it, and I knew when she left here, unless she prayed on the way there, she was going to die without a relationship with Christ.  It's a sad reality.

I finally got back to the house around 12:30 AM.  As I laid there in my bed, I was reminded of my friend Tony, that was recently burned by electrocution.  He fought hard for a month and I have a little better understanding, what he went through.  My heart broke for his family and I prayed for extra comfort that night for Tony's family and friends.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Smiles and Trials (update on Miley)

This little guy has been a buddy for me.  When he first arrived he was burned badly down his left leg and his whole midsection.  He came malnourished, feverish, and terrified.  He would cry and scream that we were making his burn worse.  Of course, one would think that when he came in with a black leg and left with a red and white one.  We would have to continue to explain to his grandmother what she needed to do for him.  He has been coming for over a month, and only has one little spot left.  

His mother has come once, and couldn't remember his name.  He is full of love and has a grandmother that loves him and does everything she can for him.  Today, we treated him for Malaria.  He has all of the typical symptoms and has been battling nightly fevers for 2 weeks.  Pray with us that he will start feeling better as we prepare to release him from burn care. His smiles have turned to exhaustion and sadness from his illness.

Unfortunately, Miley's skin grafts didn't take.  We tried them two different times, but God has different plans for this little angel.  It's been tough on her, her family, and the GO staff because we were all hopeful that we would not have to go back to scrubbing her.  Her screaming is more intense now than ever before and caring for her is extremely difficult but she really is a sweet little girl and such joy.  She loves to show off her uniform when she is done and gets dressed, because she has returned to school after 5 months and thoroughly enjoys that.  I have forced my headband love upon her and she has embraced it well.  She knows she is loved by everyone around.  Please keep praying for Miley too.  

Monday, October 6, 2014

A Huge Week

Well,the week before last was a whirlwind but what an incredible week.  September 20th became a day I had prayed for since 2001.  Mom first came to Haiti in 2000 and then I came with her the following year.  For years we have been coming to Haiti and desired to have Jim, my step-father, join us.  It's difficult with his work and the timing of our trips, but this year, God provided a great opportunity.  It had been 9 months since I had seen him and to spend a week here in Haiti with Mom, Jim, and the rest of the WMBC team was such a joy.  It was a busy hot week filled with lots of things and a full schedule but I was so refreshed and blessed having them here.  We were able to show them a lot of Haiti being my family and having a small team.  Jim and Lisa preformed in church singing and playing guitar, the men worked on the tractor and in the shop building most of the week, we visited the village, Mom and the ladies had her annual boutique day, which is a time for our female employees to come and pick out many items they like, we had a reception for a young couple, team members were able to meet sponsored kids, and the team did a special night for all the missionary couples.  They were able to have a  relatively quiet dinner with their spouse and then the team showered them with special treats and gifts for each couple.  What a blessing!!!!

At the end of the week, I flew home to surprise my family for my younger sister's wedding.  My wonderful friend Brandy and her 3 boys picked me up in Nashville and drove me all the way to the church were my sister and the families were having the rehearsal dinner.  I think my siblings were excited, my niece and nephews were confused (because they thought I wasn't going to make it home until Christmas), and my Dad was trying to figure it all out.  Afterwards, I went home and surprised my step-mom and another nephew.  We continued surprising family and friends.  Seeing everyone's face was wonderful, and I even found time to watch the hometown football team defeat a big rival, that they had lost to 12 years in a row.  All of this was made possible because I had an airline voucher that had to be used within the year.  Praise God for his provisions!!!!
This is Dad and I nervous that Ashle is about to get married!!!

My sister's wedding was beautiful and I gained an incredible brother-in-law and new niece.  I am so proud of her because of the man she has chosen to marry and spend the rest of her life with.  I was also able to pay my Granny, some aunts, uncles, and cousins visits all before heading to Nashville to overnight with one of my college roommates, who generously took me to the airport at 4:15 in the morning.