Wednesday, June 28, 2017


About 9 months ago, a team from my home church began to come together.  As weeks unfolded, there were 11 people that committed to go on a mission trip together, to Haiti.  I knew of everyone on the team, but didn't know everyone well.  There were a lot of personalities and I wasn't sure how everyone would mesh.  We met monthly for about 3 months, bi-weekly for about 2 months, and weekly for a month.

Walnut Memorial Baptist Church out of Owensboro, KY should be extremely proud of the 11 people that represented them in Haiti.  This was the first team I have ever led and was apprehensive about doing so.  I knew it would involve hours of planning and preparation but in the end it all paid off.  With the hours of meeting and praying together this group was very unified.  Our purpose for going to Haiti was to win souls, disciple the saved, and be hands to help the missionaries on the ground.  All of this was accomplished and I will have future blogs about this.  However, this blog is dedicated to thanking the Lord for such a supportive home church and thanking the people that made this a great week.

Why do I say WMBC should be so proud?  First and foremost, 10 lives were eternally saved this week.  Secondly, the spiritual preparation of the individuals on this trip were evident from start to finish.  Each team member gave their testimony and several led in devotions.  Thirdly, your senior pastor and his family are one that dedicates their lives to serving the Lord, their church, each member, and others.  Pastor Travis serves as God leads him.  He may not always make the easiest and most desirable decisions, but he makes them led by the Spirit and seeks God's direction through prayer and His Word. We watched as he loved on, poured into, and discipled pastors in Haiti, and we watched on with pride in what God was doing through him.

Other members wrapped their arms around children, presented God's Word to them, did crafts, and played games in a way to help lead them to a new or deeper relationship with Him.  We loved on the elderly, the wounded, and missionaries to encourage them in their walk and work.  There were several elements of physical labor, all to help relieve some of the burden of the missionaries.  Walnut you had people all over the world this last week serving.  We had people in Owensboro, Georgia, Zambia, and Haiti.  Praise God for the work He is doing within our church as we become more and more missional.  

To each member of our team, I say thank you.  Thank you for your dedication, thank you for your service, and thank you for loving our Haitian brothers and sisters.  You all were a GREAT first team to lead.  It makes me apprehensive to lead another group because you were so great.  I love and appreciate everyone of you!!!!