Friday, September 19, 2014

Big Day for Miley (one graphic photo at the bottom)

Well, today was a great day.  Miley has struggled for months with a severe 3rd degree burn.  Many of you have come and watched the battle 3 times a week for the last 3 months with us.  She was burned in April and after being turned down for surgery at several places, the Lord sent her and her family to us.  Day in and day out we hold her down as she relentlessly screams for us to let go.  We have been kicked, slapped, and even bitten, as we have tried to help in any way that we could.  It hasn't been easy on her, Momma, or even us. 

Our greatest joy was seeing her dress back in her uniform this week.  She missed the 2nd half of her 2nd semester last year of school and she was more than ready to return this year.  She proudly put on her uniform, grabbed her backpack and lunch box and strutted out of the clinic.  However, today was an even more special day.

Today, an American surgeon came and preformed a skin graft, free of charge for her.  Lord willing, we will never have to soak her or scrub her again.  From this point on, we will monitor it and lightly wash it but nothing like we have been used to. Going to the clinic today she was scared, hungry, and thirsty.  She clung to her father (her favorite person).  Papa and Momma struggled with the concept. 

When it came time to take her back, she held on to my hand and Papa's hand.  We walked into pre-op/recovery and she began to cry.  We medicated her and she started to relax but not enough for the IV.  We held her down and she began to get sleepy.  As she drifted off, the anesthesiologist picked her up and I held her IV bag as we started down the hall.  We entered the operating room and laid her down.  They began to numb the area and she began screaming at everyone to let go and that it hurt.  Surprised the doctor asked if she fought like this every day.  He seemed surprised when I told him I thought she was being very calm.  I mean, only 2 people were holding her down and we usually need 4.  He added another dose and she began to fall asleep.  After about 20 minutes the surgeon was finished. 

As the surgeon began taking his gloves off, Miley's mom handed me her purse and went and wrapped her arms around the surgeon, kissing him and telling him thank you.  Tears began to flow from my face as I watched her gratitude and knowledge of what had just been done for her and Miley. She then hugged the translators, the nurses, the anesthesiologists and thanked each of them.  She turned to me, looked at me and collapsed in my arms thanking me.  I told her I did nothing and that God had provided this blessing.  That this surgeon was the one that sacrificed to help.  It was an incredible experience.

As Miley woke in recovery, she began crying saying she was hungry.  Her parents handed her a can of pringles and she began chowing down.  They took out the IV and we loaded up.  As we arrived back at the compound, I kissed her and explained that we wouldn't need to wash it, soak it, or rub it when she returns Monday.  She was a HAPPY girl!!!!!!!  Praise the Lord for your provision. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

An Awesome Night with the Lord

Well, we had an incredible night of worship a few weeks ago.  I just got pictures uploaded and wanted to share.  The Restavek foundation here in Haiti hosted a talent search competition over several months.  They narrowed their search down (similar to American talent shows currently airing on TV).  The final night saw 13 (I think) original acts that wrote and preformed songs of freeing Restavek children.  These are children that are forced to work in the homes of other Haitians for little to no pay and often being abused in other areas.

The talent was incredible.  Chris Tomlin offered his talents to preform that night as well.  With several thousand people, we worshiped the one TRUE God, under His magnificent night sky, and some stadium lights at the Haitian National Soccer stadium.  WOW!!!!