Monday, January 27, 2014

Reuniting with Donlove's Mom

It's been another week but last week, I started off the day (a Monday) with getting little sleep due to my own irresponsibility of searching the internet too late for non-important things.  Then I learned of a mistake (on my part) causing more work for someone else. For those of you that know my perfectionist/task oriented nature, you can imagine how frustrated I was with myself.

I get a call that Donlove's mom was here to see me. I had prayed for this reuniting and thought I would be so excited.  However, my emotions overcame me and I began to feel nauseated, nervous, and uneasy.  I don't know why this is so difficult for me.  It's been a year and a half since Donlove died.  For those of you that don't know/remember, Donlove was a 2.5 year old burn baby here last time I was in Haiti. God used him to speak to me in many ways.  I am pretty weak when it comes to medical things, but for some reason with him it wasn't so difficult.  We bonded and I wept for his family when he passed.  I knew how much he meant to me and could only imagine their heartbreak.

Today, his mother returned with a bag of things to thank me.  She had watermelons, plantains, mangoes, and grapefruits.  There were so many I had to have help carrying them.  We had enough plantains, watermelon, and mangoes to feed an entire team.  They made fresh juice with the grapefruits and we had plenty of extras.  She has another sick child and was wanting help for him.  Her husband wasn't well but she still took what she had to be a blessing to me.  It's just so humbling to see her heart and gratitude.  She also brought her mother to see me.  I gave her some pictures of Donlove and also a notebook that I had made with his hand in mine.  It seems so inadequate in comparison to the love she showed me.

It's really busy around here with teams but a lot is getting done.  We've been over to see the kindergarten kids 3 times, the morning school once, to an orphanage and another today.  I must go finish up some things and see what God has in store for this week.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Heaven is Real!!!!

Reflecting on the last week, I realize how fast time is already going. I've already been in Haiti over 3 weeks. It's now been over 4 years since the massive earthquake that rocked the ground in Haiti and the lives of an entire country. It's unreal how fast time goes.

In Bible study we have been talking about Heaven. Last week we talked about how we serve The Lord here on earth is preparing us for service when we get to Heaven.  We also discussed jobs in Heaven and what professions could be used and which ones would no longer exist.  There will be no pain and suffering so, no need for doctors, no trials and crime so no need for lawyers and policeman, etc....  This is not to say that people of these professions will not be in Heaven, they will just have different tasks when they get there.  I began to think of my job in Admissions at Lee University.  I'm pretty certain there will be no need for an Assistant Director of Admissions in Heaven. I think that God pretty much has that under control, the criteria has been set.

This week we were asked the question "Where is home?"  Being from a broken home, I immediately thought which one Mom's, or Dad's? I began to think of children who come from divorced families, missionary’s kids, pastor’s kids, and military families, and how as we grow up we don't really have a single place we can call home.  God spoke to me and said that this is not to be discouraging, but that products of these circumstances, which have placed their faith in Christ, have an excitement, comfort, peace, rest, and should be encouraged that one day we can be home, in one home. For a Christian our ultimate home is Heaven!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

On the Ground and Running

I have been on the ground in Haiti for almost two weeks.  I am really trying to get a grasp on the language and enjoying relationship building with Haitian, other short-termers, and getting to know other missionaries here a little better.  My first week, we had a team from Canada and a couple Americans here. They were teaching 175 Haitian young adults about Chrisitan leadership and how to conduct camps and ministries.  The sessions were incredible and the worship services were phenomenal. It was a challenging week for everyone.

This past week I worked a little in the clinic and have been doing some things around the office. The clinic is really busy. Of course I love holding the babies but we have a special littl girl in the clinic right now. She was burned last May and is still visiting. She is in foster care so she doesn't come regularly and has terrible scarring.  She is desperate for love. She wants to be snuggled and held.  She doesn't get much attention where she is and isn't getting emotional needs met.  She isn't getting the physical therapy she needs.  Coming from someone who has had their fair share of physical therapy, I can really see the importance of it and how she is lacking.

We had the elderly feeding program Monday and will again tomorrow. They bless me each week.  Today, I saw the first baby I ever held in Haiti. Such a sweet gentle 14 year old today.  Every time I see him and his brothers, I pray God protects them from the evils of this world and that they will grow up to be Godly men grounded in their faith.  For his 12 year old brother, I gave him his first haircut when he was 10 months old. I remember taking the clippers and shaving his massive fro bald. So energetic but cuddly now.  Love that God can keep these boys around for a constant reminder of my first love of this country and his people.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Peace in the Lord

Getting to Haiti was quite stressful. However, God continues to give me peace and reveal himself. This week is a holiday week in Haiti but we have a team from Canada that is doing a conference with young leaders. They have pastors and administrators from the US and it has been refreshing to see Americans, Haitians and Canadians working together for the Kingdom.

It was such a blessing to watch young people that I've seen grow over the last 12 years through the sponsorship program that are now leaders in their church. I'm impressed by their leadership and desire to serve The Lord. Having the opportunity to pray with them is such a blessing. I stood at the end of the service and listened to 200 Haitians singing praises in Creole. It is incredible to listen to people around the world worship the same God in their own language.