Friday, December 27, 2013

So incredibly blessed and humbled

December has been an extremely busy yet rewarding month.  Goodbyes are tough but knowing you are in God's will is peaceful.  I have been able to build new relationships, strengthen old relationships, and spend lots of time with family and friends.

Many people have given, prayed, and encouraged me through this journey.  Christmas in Cleveland and Kentucky was rewarding and refreshing.  Friends and family gave in a remarkable way and with some technology, I can now keep in touch with people. 

I recently had a reception in which I was blessed with family and friends helping see me off.  From coaches, to college roommates, bosses, church friends, and family, all came to show support.  Walnut Memorial Baptist has been an incredible support financially as well as praying for me.  Friends have housed me and had me over or out to dinner and just great times of fellowship.  I appreciate all of your support.

Two bags are packed and my brother is hosting a going away dinner tonight in Bowling Green with great friends.  Tomorrow I will say some final goodbyes and spend my last night with Mom and Jim before being commissioned at church on Sunday.  Sunday night I will go to Columbia in which more family and friends will gather for my last supper and I will spend the night with Dad and T.  Monday I will have breakfast with my dad and he will take me to Bowling Green to meet Mom and Jim who will drop me off at the Nashville airport and I will be on my way to Haiti.  Prayers are appreciated!!!!

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Friday, December 6, 2013

24 Days Until Departure

Well, the time is nearing.  I am 24 days away from the start of a year in Haiti.  Things have been busy with getting things in storage, packing, fundraising, speaking to people, getting insurance squared away, and everything else you need to do to plan for an entire year.

It has been nice to reconnect with church friends that I have been away from for years and do get involved with my home church, Walnut Memorial Baptist. We unfortunately lost our pastor while I have been home.  It was a sad time for the congregation and his sweet family and friends but we have seen God use this situation in a miraculous way. 

I am getting lots of family time and traveling from western KY, to south central KY, and a little bit of TN.  I was able to catch a UK ball game at Rupp before the departure.  It was AWESOME and oh how I wish I could have tickets to EVERY game. 

I will be visiting Cleveland, TN one more time before my departure in about a week and a half.  I am excited to see friends.  Anyone interested in attending my going away reception on Dec. 21st at Walnut Memorial Baptist Church in Owensboro, KY from 2-4PM. 

As I sit here typing this ice is falling from the sky and covering the ground.  The snow will be moving in shortly and I was really wishing to get out of the country before the first snow.  I am not a huge fan but God's creation is incredible and beautiful despite it's coldness.  :)