Wednesday, July 12, 2017

New Respect

This summer has been one of learning to respect the jobs that others do.  I have strengthened many relationships and have absolutely loved getting to know our workers on a deeper level and learning about Haitian culture.  Don't get me wrong, they are loving asking me questions about American culture too.  I have always tried to be respectful to others and make sure that I help others.  My desire is to make sure that I always leave things better than I find them.  However, I have learned to respect masons, construction workers, fireman, and mechanics much more this summer.

Within the last 2 weeks, I have had the privilege to go out and work with our two men that repair wells.  This is a NEVER ending, tedious job with lots of job security.  There is a lot of lifting involved and trying to get the people watching to help.  Most places they go, people have no problem helping out, but from time to time they encounter communities that just want the well fixed but don't want to help.  I must say, I had a great time when I went out to help.  It was extremely hot but getting to interact with local people is so much fun for me.  There are two things I love about this particular area of ministry.  One is seeing the joy and relief in the people when the well is fixed but the best part is seeing our two men witness and minister to other Haitians.  Sometimes, they actually get pretty fired up and start preaching.  :)  These two men gain the respect of the community while they are restoring water, and then they are able to share the gospel.  I find such joy in listening to their conversations and then hearing them share God's Word.

For the masons and construction workers out there...cheers to you.  It's a lot different here in that we are in the middle of the desert with no shade around us.  Even the small breeze we get is pretty hot.  The guys mold their metal, and make everything they need.  My job, a couple of days was tying rebar.  We used figure 8 ties and for two hours each afternoon I helped.  Apparently I wasn't the best and I was sent to cut wire.  Often I messed that up too but we had fun.
There have been a couple days that we have used a really old firetruck to water trees on the property.  Some days we have kids/teenagers that help move the hose around and spray the water.  However, yesterday we just had a driver and myself with the hose.  Things started off fine because it isn't an extremely powerful hose, though heavy, and I could manage it.  After an hour of this and refilling the truck twice things quickly began to change.  Things were beginning to spin and it was getting darker, my arms and legs were pretty shaky and the 110 degree, desert heat was getting the best of me.  I was sent to sit in the truck and even got to drive it a little.  For the firemen who can do this, while running up flights of stairs, with 80+ lbs of gear, I respect you even more.  Thank you for your service.  

Lastly, I spent a day in the shop with our mechanic.  That was a much more desired job in that we weren't in the heat so much.  My OCD self didn't love the grease and dirt but I managed.  I don't know how you all work with all of that yuck on your hands so long.  I helped change the oil in the van and checked the other fluids.  We also changed out brake-pads, all of which I have done with my dad in the past so, I kind of looked like I actually knew what I was doing.  

Even had a little time with other friends

The joy and love I've been able to share with our workers over the last couple years has been fun, relaxing, and even rejuvenating.  It's amazing the difference when you get away from technology and actually have conversations with the people around you.  I have grown to love each of these men and women as my own brothers and sisters.  Being single affords me the ability to be adopted into many families and this is one big family!!!!

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