Sunday, July 2, 2017

Burden for the Lost

This one has been brewing for a few days.  This past year, I lost two very important people in my life.  Zachary was only 18 and my Granny was almost 93.  Two very different people.  Zachary was young and full of life.  Granny was elderly, had suffered for years with Alzheimer's, and was bed ridden.  I had babysat Zachary for years, enjoyed birthdays, holidays and even vacations with his family.  Granny was my last remaining biological grandparent.  These two losses have made me think long and hard about the purpose of life, afterlife, and Christianity.  To sum all of this up, I can honestly say that God is faithful and provides strength, comfort, and hope through all of life's circumstances.

This past week, we had the privilege to pray with 10 young people who made their own personal decision to accept Christ.  As we began preparing for Haiti, our goal was to bring honor and glory, through service, to Jesus Christ.  Ultimately, leading people to Christ is our desire.  10 brothers and sisters have joined my family and committed their lives to Christ.

If I'm honest with everyone that reads this post.  I wasn't thrilled about doing a VBS.  VBS requires a lot of work, a lot of planning, and quite frankly is exhausting in the heat of Haiti.  I love the kiddos but pulling off VBS is hard and there is a lot to sacrifice.  God reminded me this week that he said, let the children come to me.  Had we not been obedient to what God had asked us to do, 10 people may have never committed their lives to the Lord.

As someone who has a desire to do missions, I allowed my own personal likes and dislikes to distract me from focusing on the Lord.  Seeing people give their lives to the Lord has always been something that I desired for all, but over the last year, I realized just how short life can be.  I have always been saddened by lost souls, but this past year, my heart has been literally broken by them.  I have a burden to see people come to the Lord.

Friday in clinic was very difficult.  There was a middle-aged man that came in and had been previously burned.  God spared his life and he was able to get the medical attention he needed.  However, he has a place on the back of his leg that never quite healed.  The smell of infection was nauseating.  Well, at least to me, because I have a very weak "medical" stomach.  He handed Sheryl (the nurse) a piece of paper and she began a conversation with the man.  It was evident that everything on that paper hadn't been explained to him.  The paper indicated that he had cancer.  We aren't real sure why that hadn't been explained but as we worked on his leg, I asked if he had accepted Christ.  He said the famous Haitian phrase, "not yet."  My heart immediately ached for this man.  Without a miracle from the Lord he was going to die. For the next 30 minutes we poured into this man and we prayed with him.  I wish I
could say he accepted the Lord but he didn't.  We explained how serious his medical condition was.  I have been burdened for him since he left the clinic.  In one day, he learned he had a condition that would sooner rather than later take him to his grave without a miracle from God and that he was destined for an eternity of suffering if he didn't make a decision to personally accept Christ.  God is faithful but it is ultimately our decision to accept or deny.  I honestly believe that God has given him a second chance and that we can continue to pour into him in the short amount of time we spend with him.

Please be in prayer for the 10 children that gave their lives to the Lord.  Pray that someone will come along and disciple them and they continue to grow in their faith.  Also, please be in prayer for our friend at the clinic with cancer.

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